In this tutorial we'll show you how to dynamically generate Google Slides from Airtable data.

What you'll need

  • Airtable
  • Google Slides
  • Zapier

Go to Google Slides and select a template. Open it.

Next find the pieces of information that you want to dynamically map.

For each piece of data, enter a placeholder surrounded by curly brackets like this - {{clientName}}, {{contactName}} etc.

The text that goes inside of the curly brackets doesn't matter as that is for your reference only.

Go through your tutorial and add curly brackets to the items you need.

Next open Airtable. Create a simple base with columns and data that you want to bring across.

Make sure to add a Single Option column with options which will act to display the stage of the sales process your lead is at. Examples, Lead, Proposal, Contract, Won.

For this one we're going to use some company data from a dummy base we created for tutorial purposes you can get it here -

Add a new view, name it Proposal and add a Filter where Sales Stage is Proposal.

Now Create a new Zap in Zapier.

Use Airtable, New Record in View as the trigger. Connect your Airtable Base. Test and continue the check you have a record to work with.

Now add Google Slides as the Action. Select Create Presentation from Template. Connect Google Slides.

Find and select your template then map the data across to the fields below. You should be able to see fields for each piece of data you entered within curly brackets previously. Use this to customise the document info!

Once you have added the Airtable data into the Google Slides fields, press continue.

If it worked head over to Google Slides and check a new presentation was created with your data.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial preview, if you have any questions please reach out on Twitter @tomosman or @makerpad.