What you'll need.
  1. Airtable
  2. Shopify
  3. Dummy product info + image.
  4. Zapier

Also before you start make sure you are logged into each as it will make the flow a lot smoother to follow.

So, in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to automatically 'Create A Product in Shopify' once a new row is added to Airtable. This tutorial will cover the basic fields but you can apply the same principles to add products with more detailed product information also.

To get us started we're going to want to create a new base in Airtable, this will be where we'll keep all of our product info. Once created, add in the column headers such as Product Name, Image (attachment), Description etc. You can keep it simple or use the Shopify product upload sheet to map all the available fields. That can be found here - https://help.shopify.com/csv/product_template.csv

Now that we have our base, enter some dummy product info so that we have something to test with. Once done we're ready to move onto the next step where we'll create our Zap that will link Airtable with Shopify.

Let's head over to Zapier and click, 'Make A Zap'. Search for and select Airtable and choose New Record as the trigger. Press save. Now connect your Airtable account by pressing 'Connect an Account'.

Next we're going to need to grab our API key from Airtable. Click the link 'account page' that should be shown on screen. If you are logged in you should now be on the account overview page, click and copy your personal API key. Return to the previous pop up and enter it into the field. Press 'Yes, Continue' and make sure you test the connection.

Now select the appropriate 'Base' and 'Table' from the 'Set Up Airtable Record' page. Press refresh if it doesn't show. Press continue and test this step ensuring you can see the dummy product data we input in the previous step.

If you do, press continue and we're onto the next step.

In this step we are going to add the next step to our Zap which will be to Create a Product in Shopify.

Click add a step, search for and select Shopify. Choose 'Create Product' as your action, press 'Save and Continue'. Click 'Connect your Shopify Account' and enter the Shopify username then press 'Yes, Continue'.

This should show a pop up from Shopify if you are logged in. Scroll down and click 'Install unlisted app'.

Now as a nice to have additional step to the Zap you may want to add in a delay between the Airtable and Shopify steps to ensure you have enough time to get all of the product information in the record.

Click the blue + button in between the two steps, find and select the native app called 'Delay' and set the units to how ever many minutes you want and then select minutes from the field below. Press save and continue, test then you are good to go.

Set your Zap and you're done.

You've just automated your product uploads!

Hopefully your enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please send me a message in the Makerpad Slack @tomosman