With this short tutorial, you can learn how to do the initial setup for a new Adalo native mobile app. Adalo allows you to build both native mobile apps and desktop web apps (both great options depending on your app's purpose/user need) but here we specifically walk you through the steps to start a mobile app.

Once you log in to Adalo, it's going to ask you what kind of app you want to make. You can either make a native mobile app or desktop web app. We're going to select the native mobile app for this tutorial. Then you can either choose a template or you can start with a blank. We're going to click 'blank', give our app a name, select some theme colors, then press 'create'.

There are some advanced options at this point, if you need them. You can share your database with an existing app—maybe you want to build a web app tied to a mobile app and have them share the same database.

In this tutorial, we want to select a new database.



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