Today we're going to build a simple shortcut that will visit your favourite blogs, fetch the latest articles and save them to Pocket to read later.

Go to Create A Shortcut, in the search bar type 'Choose from Menu', select it. Then inside of that block enter the names of the blogs you want to target. Next we're going to want a URL block. Type URL in the search bar and add one for each menu option. Enter the corresponding RSS feed links and drag them under the Menu option. Next, find and select a 'Get Items from RSS Feed' block. Replace the URL with the Menu Result variable.

Once you've done this we're going to want to filter the articles. Search for a 'Filter Articles' block, sort by Published Date & Latest First.

Add a 'Choose from list' block and then toggle 'Select multiple'. This will show us the list of articles.

Next up, we want to add in our Pocket step. Search for Pocket and select 'Add to Pocket'. Add a tag if you want, not essential. If you want some feedback once the articles have been added to Pocket then add a notification block on the end.

That's it you've built a Shortcut. Test it by either pressing the Play button at the top of the flow or by going back to the Shortcuts library and tapping it.

Hopefully your enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please send me a message in the Makerpad Slack @tomosman


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