This tutorial will let you send a Glide app download link to a new sign ups phone with Twilio. In this example we're going to be connecting a website made in Carrd, a Typeform, Zapier and Twilio.

What you'll need for this tutorial.

  1. Carrd
  2. Zapier
  3. Twillio
  4. Typeform

First, go to Typeform and create a new Typeform with two questions that collect the users Name and Phone Number (make sure you set the country correctly).

Next, copy the share link from your Typeform and attach it to your Call To Action. Check it works before moving to the next step.

Now to setup Zapier to connect our Typeform with Twilio. This will let us pass the phone number through to send the SMS. Create a new Zap, select Typeform as the Trigger and Twilio as the next step. Connect your Typeform account, select the correct form and test it pulls in some data. To test, go to your Typeform and fill it out as you would a user.

Go back to Typeform and Pull In More Samples. Once done click Continue.

Next, connect your Twilio account inputting your SID and Auth Token so Zapier can access it. Now test the connection and press Continue.

Next hop over to Twilio and buy a phone number with SMS functionality then connect it into your From Number field on the Twilio block. You may need to refresh the fields to see it show up. The 'To Number' is the number we collected from Typeform. Lastly create the SMS you want to send to sign ups adding in the link to your app from Glide.

Finally, send a test to Twilio and if all goes well you should get an SMS through to your phone to download the app and add it to your home screen.

That's it your done!

Hopefully your enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please send me a message in the Makerpad Slack @tomosman