In this tutorial I'll show you how to build a simple newsletter archiver using MailChimp, Airtable and Integromat.

What you'll need.

  • 1 x Mailchimp account
  • 1 x Integromat account
  • 1 x Airtable account
  • 1 x Clean Airtable base

Open and login to Integromat. Create a new scenario and search for Mailchimp, Airtable and Gmail.

Click the big question mark, click Mailchimp, select Watch Campaigns as the trigger. Now connect your Mailchimp account and set the watch field to 'From now on' then ok.

Next add a Airtable module, connect your Airtable account. You may need to get your Airtable API key from your Airtable account settings.

Now head over to Airtable and add the following headers.

  • Title (text)
  • Subject Line (text)
  • Sent Date (date)
  • Content - Plain Text (long text)
  • Content - HTML (long text)
  • Archive URL - (URL)

Next, back in Integromat, connect the Airtable base, Table 1 and then map the fields pulled inn from Mailchimp into the Airtable fields.

Note - if you want to test this change the initial trigger to run off of all campaigns.

Now add a Gmail module, connect your Gmail account, select Send an Email. Next add your email address in the To field and fill out the Subject.

Next in the content add in a message to let you know that the newsletter has been archived successfully. Make sure to include a piece of data from a previous step for reference purposes.

That's it.

Set the Scenario live and now you will have an automatic archive of your newsletters.

If you have any questions then reach out to me on Slack/Twitter @tomosman.