Each website consists of 2 sheets

1. Settings

The settings sheet contains your site's global settings such as your logo, default font size, and SEO information.

2. Content

Build several pages within your content sheet. Each row represents a section on a page. We offer predefined sections such as contact forms, newsletter signups, text sections, etc...


Multiple pages

Easily create websites with multiple pages. Each page can have a number of sections.

Tweak the design

Make the design your own by editing colors and various font settings.

Cards, lists & filters

Display custom data as cards or lists and define filters to search through the data.

Google Fonts

Spruce up your site with any font on Google Fonts.

Icon fonts

Choose between 2 icon fonts to use within your site: FontAwesome or our own collection of outline icons.

Contact forms

You can easily include contact forms on your website. We use FormSpree for that.

Mailchimp integration

Allow visitors to subscribe to your email list through Mailchimp.


Needless to say, our designs adapt to mobile phones.

Connect your own domain

Connect your custom domain to your Table2Site website.


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