This is a super simple way to set up a weekly/daily newsletter that is almost completely Automated!


First we need to set up a simple Airtable base. Create a table with Title and URL. You can add as many fields of different types as you like here, depending on what you want to include in your Email digest.

We will be using Mailchimp in this app so make sure you have an account set up.


Now let's set up our automation. Create a Zap and select Airtable as the Trigger App.

We want this to trigger when a new record is added (i.e. a new article with a URL is added)

Connect the correct Base and table

Now select the 'Digest' app by Zapier.

Select 'Append Entry and Schedule Digest'

Here we enter our details. The Title (doesn't have to be the same as your Mailchimp campaign), Entry (here you enter the content, so select the fields you wish to add from your Airtable base). I've used

HTML formatting (see next screenshot below) which can help make the emails look nice. So each of my emails should have a bold "These are the latest links this week" then a list of hyperlinked titles all on separate lines (paragraph formatting).

Set the frequency, day of the week and time of day you want your digest to be sent.

This is a quick format for HTML formatting.

Now we need to link our Mailchimp

First we need a new campaign to be created in Mailchimp each time the digest runs.

You can select your list, give it a subject name, from name and email address. See the below screenshot for more details to include

In the same form "Edit Template". You will need to add the Email Content. Click the + and from Step 2, select 'Current Digest'. (If you run tests your content may show up weirdly like the below but don't panic!)

Now we need to set up the action app to send the actual campaign.

For the template, you need to select 'Use A Custom Value' and then in the 'Custom Value for Campaign ID' field, select the ID from Step 3. This makes sure it's the campaign that has just been created.

And there we have it! An automated email digest. There are lots of ways to customise this of course and for some advanced ideas:

  • Automate populating your Airtable base by using the Pocket Chrome extension like in this tutorial