While we can't stop your members from asking, "Will this be recorded?" we can make sure the recording gets to event attendees inboxes as soon as your virtual event is over. In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup a workflow for sending recorded zoom events to event attendees after an event ends.

Set up an event in Luma using Zoom and create an Audience list in Mailchimp. Then, in Zapier, select Luma as your app. The trigger will be 'New Guest.' Then for the action, select Mailchimp and the event will be 'Add/Update Subscriber.' Select the Audience you set up, the Subscriber email will be the email from Step 1. For Tag(s), click for the drop down, go to 'Custom' and select the event name from Step 1. Now test your zap. If it works, turn on the zap.

Create another zap that begins with Zoom. The trigger event will be 'New Recording'. The action will be 'Create Campaign' in Mailchimp. Set the Campaign Name to Topic from Step 1 of this zap. Select the same audience from the previous zap. For Tag, select the tag from the previous zap. Set your email subject, from name, from email address, and email message. Add another step to this zap, which will be Find Campaign in Mailchimp. Set the Name to the Settings Title from step 2 of this zap. Add a final step, which will be Send Campaign in Mailchimp. The Campaign will be the ID field from step 2. Test your zap and then turn it on!


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