In this tutorial we'll show you how to create an app in Glide to track the books you are reading and have read.

What you'll need

  • Glide
  • Google Sheets
  • Simple Scraper

Estimated time to complete

  • 15 minutes

Open a new Google Sheet and create the following columns:

  • Book Picture
  • Book Title
  • Book Author
  • Category
  • Book Info
  • Completed
  • Review
  • Progress (formula: =IF(F:F="","",1) )
  • Progress Bar (formula: =sum(H:H))

If you haven’t already, install the Simple Scraper Chrome Extension. Find a website that lists books (this tutorial used and select the following properties:

  • Book picture
  • Book title
  • Book author
  • Category
  • Summary

Click 'View Results' and export the results on the next page to CSV. In your Google Sheet, click File → Import, select the CSV, and select 'Append to current sheet'.

Create a new app in Glide. Upload the Google Sheet. Create a Tab for Books and Profile. Click on 'Layout' and select the Books icon. Title should made to Book Title, Details to Book Author, and Image to Book Picture. Click into the list item and add the following components:

  • Image (Book Picture)
  • Basic Text (Book Title)
  • Basic Text (Book Author)
  • Basic Text (Book Info)
  • Basic Text (Category)
  • Checkbox (Completed)
  • Favorite
  • Set the Key to Book Title
  • Form Button
  • Link the Review Button to the Review column.

For the Profile tab, add a Progress Bar and Inline List component. Link Progress Bar to to the Progress Bar column.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial preview, if you have any questions please reach out on Twitter @amiedelisa or @makerpad.

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