In this tutorial we're going to create a YouTube Project Tracker using Notion and by the end you'll have a place where you can start with a video title and by the end have a complete space to store all the information and resources needed to create and publish that video.

Step 1

First of all we're going to need to open Notion and 'Add a Page', then give it a 'Title'. Next add in the following headers.

  • Video Title
  • Status
  • Video No
  • Publish Date
  • Sponsor
  • Tags
  • URL

Once done, let's add a couple of table views. Click Default View then 'Add a view'. We're going to want to add a board view called Status and a calendar view called Publish Dates.

We're done for this, in the next one we'll create the template that we'll use each time we start a new video.

Step 2

To create our video template, click the options menu which you'll find to the left of the 'New' button. Click that and select 'Templates'. Next click 'New Template'. If you want to add some style, give the template an icon and a cover image. Now add the following properties with the matching type (this should match the headers we gave to our table previously.

  • Status (Select)
  • Publish Date (Date)
  • Sponsor (Multi-select)
  • Tags (Multi-select)
  • URL (URL)
  • Video Number (Number)

Next let's add some headers containing some additional places to store info we'll need when creating a video.

Meta Info

  • Title Ideas
  • Keywords
  • Sponsor Informtation
  • Editing Checklist
  • Publishing Checklist


  • Research and notes
  • Script

Resources (Links)

B-Roll (Table)

Once you've done this you're done for this part. In the next step we'll create the table for our B-Roll and some checklists for editing and publishing.

Step 3

Now under the B-Roll heading we're going to want to create an inline table by typing '/ table' and selecting 'Table - Inline'. Now add some headers.

  • B-Roll Description (Title)
  • Timestamp (Text)
  • Tags (Multi-select)
  • Gathered (Checkbox)
  • In Video (Checkbox)
  • Premiere (Checkbox)


A short bonus video that shows you how you can layout your Notion pages better!


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