Selling physical product subscriptions - set up in 15 minutes. Landing page built with Carrd and then using Gumroad for payments, shipping etc.

(Inspired by Dollar Shave Club)

Create a landing page on Carrd

First set yourself up with a Carrd account (Makerpad members get 40% off with this deal). And select a blank canvas

We’re going to use the Dollar Shave Club website as inspiration for our site.

Set up your Card account and then start with a blank canvas. Change the background colour to white and set your page to Top position with full width. Delete the placeholder text.

Add a container with two columns and align the left to left and make the container full width and set a height. Add a video element on the right column and paste your YouTube video (we’re using the Dollar Shave Club video). Set it to autoplay and loop.

We can change the width of the left column to 30% and make our video bigger. Align it centre then add our heading and tagline text (using the DSC text here). Edit the style of the elements.

Change the container until you get what you want - changing the contents with. Now add a button element and style it how you like.

The next section is similar to the top but image on the left. You can use different elements for different layouts, here we have used the list element. Same again for the next 3 sections below. We’ve inserted a couple GIF images.

Using the table element we are going to make a simple FAQ. Remove the headings and enter your text. Alter the padding and styling until you are happy!

Publish, test and tweak!

Set up your Gumroad product

Sign up for Gumroad and go through the onboarding. Select your country and category. Now you can add a product and subscription. Add a physical product -> Subscription and enter the tagline and price /mo. Now add your description and upload an image for your product checkout page.

You can enter your custom URL and also determine a length in months for the description (keep as infinity if it is rolling until cancelled). You can preview how your product page would look.

In the Options tab, you need to adding the shipping destinations and costs. You can also edit your payment options, if you want to offer yearly/quarterly/etc pricing. Add any variants, discounts and license keys where needed.

Publish your payment page (you NEED to have at least one shippable destination). Edit the button text and select ‘auto-trigger if you wish. Then either embed or copy/paste the code.

Link your payment system with your site

On our button on the landing page we can add the URL for the Gumroad product we just set up and/or copy the code from Gumroad and paste into an embed element on our site. Go to your site and test it out!