In this tutorial, you will lean how to create a simple attendance app using Glide.

What you'll need

  • Glide
  • Google Sheets

Estimated time to complete

  • 5 minutes


Open a Google Sheet. Create the following columns: Attendee, Title, Photo, Checked in?

Enter in your attendance list. Alternatively, you can upload a list as well.

Create a new app in Glide, choose the Google Sheet you crated in Step 1. O the Layout tab, link the Image data field to Photo. Set the Title to Attendee and Details to Data. Drag and drop your photos. Click into a user record.

Delete the Basic Text Photo component. Add an Image component. Delete the Basic Text Checked in? component and add a Switch component.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial preview, if you have any questions please reach out on Twitter @amiedelisa or @makerpad.