Dickie Bush is one of the Captains behind Ship 30 for 30, a cohort-based course focusing on building a writing habit. On Twitter, he shared his workflow for how he learns from the world's best newsletters every week.

Here's a quick overview of how he uses Gmail filters and labels for newsletters:

Step 1: Set up a newsletter-specific email address

You will need to unsubscribe from current newsletters but once you have done this, you can set a purpose-specific email address. Subscribe to your most valuable newsletters by adding '+newsletter' before @gmail.com.

For example, if your email address is ilovemakerpad@gmail.com, you would subscribe for newsletters with ilovemakerpad+newsletter@gmail.com.

Step 2: Create a Gmail filter

Set up a Gmail filter that allows you to add the label 'Newsletter' to emails sent to the newsletter email address from Step 1.

Check off the following boxes:

  • Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
  • Apply the label: and create a new label or select the label "Newsletter"
  • Always mark it as important

Step 3: Add the Newsletter label to your messages list

Go to your Gmail settings and click on 'Labels'. Set your Newsletter label to 'Show' under 'Show in Messages List.'

That's it! Now you can easily focus on reading the latest from the people you want to learn from!


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