Starting a business online as a creator can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a technical background.

Even with the introduction of platforms like Webflow, Wordpress and Wix, the task of designing, setting up and operating a fully-fledged website can be a real challenge for the non-digital natives among us. Many people often end up outsourcing help, meaning the costs barrier to getting going can quickly climb into the thousands of dollars.

What many creators want is to build a digital business that looks and feels great, supports a community and of course allows them to get paid for their expertise. But, often not knowing where to start, they are left asking - how do you get going if you don’t have the technical ability or the investment capital?

At Makerpad we wanted to see if we could answer that question in a way that not only solves the practical problem, but also looks amazing, can scale, can be set up (from start to finish) by someone that is 100% non-technical in under a single day, and costs less than $900 per year to run.

And we're pleased to say we did it.

Using these solutions, community creators with no tech knowledge can set up, in just one day, a digital business that displays content, manages member sign-ups, payments and profiles, and sells products, all for an insanely affordable price.

Our latest deep-dive breaks down two tech stacks that enable you to achieve this outcome. Below is a basic breakdown of each of the two solutions and the costs involved.

To see the whole solution you can check out the deep-dive here.

What’s more, this is a risk-free start-up venture because every one of these platforms offer an initial free trial. You have a week to set things up and trial your MVP before having to pay a cent.

Regardless of your skill or economic position, you can create a fully-customized, client-centric, professionally designed digital business. It is truly a showcase of how technology, when applied correctly, can democratize opportunity for all.

Following this set-up, anyone that has the motivation and focus to create something of value or share a unique skill for a select audience, can—with little-to-no risk, outlay and time—do just that.

Our deep-dive content is usually reserved just for our paid members, but as on this occasion we've really pushed the boundaries of what can be created by anyone, we decided to make this deep-dive free and open to all.

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