Submitted by Noah

Create an app that displays live scores for professional golf tournaments. This will also work to display any live data from an HTML table.


  1. Set up a Google Sheet where you will store the data from your HTML table
  1. Go to the URL of the HTML table you want to import from. This can be a table of golf scores or other sports scores, or it can be any HTML table that has live data (there isn’t a live golf tournament for me to test with at the moment, so I’m using scores from The Open this past weekend)
  1. Import the Data from the HTML table by using the google sheets formula ‘=IMPORTHTML’
  • Add the URL inside of 2 quotation marks “
  • Add the query inside the formula (for a table this will be “table” inside of the quotation marks again)
  • The last part of the formula is the trickiest part-the index, which starts at 1, tells the formula which table (or list) should be returned from the webpage. If you aren’t sure, I’d suggest starting with the number 1, and counting up from there until you get the data you’re looking for
  1. Make sure the table is formatted how it should be in Google Sheets and has the correct information
  1. Log in to Glide and Create a New App
  1. Select the Google Sheet that has the data from the table you want to use
  1. Customize and format the homepage of your App how you want it to look-for my purposes I want to see the golfer’s name and their current score to par
  1. Clicking into a “component” or golfer in my case allows me to see all data from the table, and you can add or remove any of the information you’d like to display or hide