One of the big issues with building without code is that you cannot easily offer user sign up/log ins. One way I like to work around this is to either put content on unlisted pages on my site and sent those directly to users who signed up OR use password protect (like you can on Webflow) and auto-send the password in the onboarding email.

To take it to the next level, I've built a workaround solution that mimics an 'enter email for sign up/log in link' and it's pretty simple.

The Basics

To kick it off, you'll need to sort out getting your users and deciding the levels of who gets access to what, is it paid etc. So if we think of it this way it may make it simpler...

  1. User clicks button to sign up
  2. Enters email and payment details on a Stripe Checkout page/pop-up/Typeform with Stripe integrated
  3. The email and name get sent to your Airtable (or Google Sheets) via a simple Zapier Zap.

There we have our basic user sign up with payment which populates our basic database. That's not what we are looking at here... we want to solve the next step which is when that user wants to log in to access their pro membership (or whatever), how can they do that with just entering their email address.

The set up

Entering an email - I've gone with Typeform for this but you can use something else if you wish. I didn't use Airtable because the second step involves looking up in Airtable so it may have become a bit confusing to explain.

When a user views the Typeform to input their email it will look like this:

Now let's set up a really simple Airtable base which we will use Zapier to look up.

Connecting the pieces

Then lets lookup the record in our Airtable database.

Advanced: If you want to notify users who don't have a pro account but tried to 'sign in'... use the IF/OR to send an email which prompts them to sign up.

Now we simply just have to send an email to the person who signed in (as long as they have an account)

Advanced tricks

  • Customise the email based on airtable entry: When sending the email, you can add fields from the Airtable base, so you can always add names etc
  • Custom URLs: If you want to have a unique URL for each customer (like a link) - coming soon.


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