Workflows to automate your team's processes

A powerful workflow engine that lets your team define processes in a drag & drop way. Get all your tools and teams working together.

Bases let you organize and build with your data

An easy-to-use database with a spreadsheet like interface. Work with data in an environment your developers & non-technical team can collaborate around.

One-click for a powerful database

Just one click to create a Base with an easy to use API.

Use functions within Bases

Like formulas in spreadsheets, you can use Clay functions as columns in your base.

Rich field types to model your content

Save and model your data with meaning. Work with Files, JSON, Images and more.

Functions make it easy to add and share new functionality

Find existing functions or easily write your own functions to use in workflows, Bases or as APIs for your application

Write serverless functions

The simplest way to write code using our web editor or develop locally and deploy via the command line.

Discover and use existing functions

Explore our growing library of connectors and custom functions. Build faster and don't reinvent the wheel.

Combine functions with Workflows & Bases

Use functions from the Clay library, or your own custom functions, as steps in Workflows or columns in Bases.


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