This is a super simple way to set up an automated weekly digest of Pocket activity.


Set up your Zapier account and choose Pocket as the Trigger. (Be sure to set up a Pocket account too)

We want this to trigger when new items are added to Pocket.

Connect your Pocket account

Make sure there are items in your Pocket feed to pull in as samples

Now we need to set up the Digest Zapier Action

Select Append Entry and Schedule Digest

Now you need to enter a title and the Entry. Pull in the data from Step 1 for the content in Entry. In the example below, the text will be hyperlinked.

Send a test to make sure it works out.

Now let's set up our Slack action

You can set up however you'd like to deliver this digest. This example is via a Direct Message but it could easily be a channel message for your Slack community.

Connect your Slack account

Now it's time to set up the Slack Message. Choose the username to send to (if using a Direct Message). The Message Text can have a little intro text and then include the text pulled in from Step 2.

Test the step to make sure it works

Check out the test that should've been sent to your Slack.

Automate populating your Airtable base by using the Pocket Chrome extension like in this tutorial


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