Do you love no-code like we do? Do you have a passion for learning new tools and building projects? If you’re regularly solving problems without writing any code we think that you’ll also love our Creators in Residence program too. 

A big part of the no-code community is about support. Not just supporting people when they launch a product or with valuable feedback - but with teaching. Sharing your knowledge and using your skills to help others level up in no-code too! Our Creators in Residence program is looking for creative, enthusiastic no-coders that also have the empathy and patience of a teacher. Is that you? We’d love to introduce you to a way you can create with no-code and earn all at the same time! 

The Makerpad Creator in Residence Program

Creators in Residence are educators in the Makerpad network who get paid to publish content and ideas to our community. They're chosen for their ability to develop no-code solutions and teach their expertise to our community through creating video tutorials, writing blog posts, and leading workshops and other no-code events in collaboration with Makerpad.

Makerpad creators are hired and paid to create and document no-code solutions and educational content.

We are looking for video tutorial creators who will grow our library of no-code video lessons. We’re also looking for content writers to write innovative, engaging blog posts on relevant no-code topics and to create written tutorials for popular no-code tools. Creators in Residence get paid to learn and teach no-code. It will build credibility of your skills and bring awareness to your content. Attract more freelance work and become a certified no-code expert too.

Who Can Apply?

So, who are we looking for? Are you able to represent the Makerpad brand and bring quality tutorials to our community? 

We are looking for creators who are willing to quickly get up to speed learning new no-code tools and applications, that have an interest and ability to educate others simply and clearly on what you know. You should have a strong proficiency in at least two no-code products and be engaged in the no-code community directly, ideally via Makerpad and also on social media.

If you’re ready to create great content you should apply to join as a Makerpad Creator in Residence. We'll review your application and let you know if your application's been successful or not. You’ll then need to submit your sample creative homework. For those who move beyond the first application, you will be sent a paid test to create for Makerpad to assess your skill set and begin our work together. We will review every practice creation and approve them depending on your proficiency with no-code.

Once you’ve joined the program you’ll get access to regular opportunities to be paid to create. We’ll provide you with access our internal documents that showcase a variety of ways for you to be paid to create. This will include marketing resources, idea boards, wikis, and more. We hope you’re excited to become a regular contributor. You’ll be able to continue to access opportunities with our team, network, and community to be paid and grow your skillset and audience.

Apply to join the Creator in Residence Program


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