In this tutorial you will learn how to automatically change your Shopify store's theme for situations like a special promotion, a new product launch, or a holiday, and then automatically change your Shopify theme back to normal once the occasion has passed.

Before you get started, you will need an alternative theme ready to go for your Shopify store and you will need to install the app Mesa.


0:53 - Creating a new workflow in Mesa connecting Scheduler to publish a new theme in Shopify

1:19 - Setting the time and date of the theme change

1:42 - Selecting a temporary Shopify theme for your store

1:53 - Adding a delay before reverting back to our normal Shopify theme—this is where you input how long your temporary theme should be live for

2:24 - Setting up our last step of the workflow to publish your normal theme once the time period set in delay has passed

2:40 - Turning on your workflow