An investment fund came to Makerpad with a disconnected and manual form to contract process; The investment fund wanted to automate the funnel as much as possible and decrease the team's repetitive manual tasks. The form needed to have conditional logic and a legally binding e-signature. The fund was keen to use Airtable as a database to store form submissions and open to exploring new signature clients due to their dissatisfaction with their current provider. After exploring the trade-offs of different integrations and tech stacks, the decision came down to two options.

Option 1: The Formstack Platform (Formstack Forms, Documents, and Sign)

Option 1 is a total revamp of the fund's tool stack and processes. When the fund came to Makerpad, someone was manually filling in documents. This option allows for documents to be dynamically populated. Additionally, the fund wants to replace its current e-signature client. However, the switch to Formstack Forms means re-creating all of the fund's forms and conditional logic set up all over again.

This option came down to a few considerations:

  • Is the learning curve too steep for the team to learn three new tools?
  • How much time would it take to create new forms with the conditional logic needed? 
  • What is the cost?
  • Should we replace something that is not broken?

Tutorial: Automating the form to contract workflow with Formstack

Option 2: Paperform, Zapier, Airtable, Formstack Documents & Formstack Sign

Option 2 keeps a tool that is currently working well for the fund: Paperform. This option also allows the fund to switch to a database the team prefers and replace an e-signature client the team does not enjoy using. With Formstack's Airtable app, the team can still easily generate dynamically filled documents and streamline the signature process.

This option came down to the following considerations:

  • The need to replace the existing database
  • Is this too many tools to solve one workflow?
  • This specifically targets the repetitive manual task.
  • What is the cost? 

Tutorial: Form to contract workflow with Paperform, Airtable & Formstack

So, which option did the investment fund go with?

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