For a customer support system, you can use Airtable's linked fields to;

  • Link incoming customer support tickets to certain product features
  • Assign tickets to team members
  • Attach tickets to a bug report to keep track of which bugs your customers seem to be running into the most

No matter which table you are in within your base, this feature allows you to have a single source of truth. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the steps to get this set up.

Linked fields are a powerful feature. Linked fields allow you to bring in relevant information from other tables within your Airtable base. This is what makes Airtable a relational database. Using this feature you can link a lot of data without having to change or add the same data in multiple places.

Likewise, it allows you to view your team members in order to see who has a lot of open tickets. Or, you can view your Product Feature Category table and see which feature has the most bugs.


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