Now that you have set up the workflows to handle getting people into your Circle community, let's explore notification settings in Circle so that you never miss a post or comment from your community. Then, we'll look at how to set up private spaces within Circle.

Setting up email notifications for new topics posted in community

  1. Select your profile → notifications and turn off all notifications for in-app.
  2. Review all email notifications for comments, mentions and likes turning off those you don't wish to receive.  Scroll to the bottom and review the email preferences for new posts.  Select all new posts and hit save changes.

How to create private spaces for paying members

  1. Click on three dots for space group and select edit space group
  2. Turn on hide from non-space members if applicable and hit save changes.
  3. Click on space group you would like to make private
  4. Select gear icon and edit space
  5. Select Make this a private space
  6. Select hide from non-space members if applicable.
  7. If not hidden, create a custom locked page with sign-up information.
  8. Hit save.
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 for all spaces you wish to make private/paid.