In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use Integromat to generate QR codes from Airtable.

What you'll need

  • Airtable
  • Integromat

Open Airtable and add a new base. Give it fields, Event Name (text) , Event URL (url), QR Code (text) and remove others.

Next open Integromat and create a new scenario with Dropbox, Airtable and Barcodes as the apps. Press continue.

For the Trigger, or first step in your scenarios, select Airtable and Watch Events. Connect your Airtable account then select your base and table.

Configure your Trigger with Created Time in the 'Trigger Field' and Event Name in your 'Label Field'. Press ok.

Next, add another Airtable module. This time select the Retrieve a Record Action and again, connect your base, table and sheet. In the Record ID field map the ID from the Watch Records step.

Now let's add the Barcode module and select Generate Barcode. In the text field, add the Event URL from the Airtable Step previous and in the File Name field select the 'Event Name' from the Retrieve a Record step + barcode.png written in text e.g. '2.Event Name - barcode.png'.

Open up your Dropbox account in your browser and create a new shared folder named QR Codes. This is going to be the place where our QR codes will be stored.

Back into Integromat create a new step by selecting the Dropbox 'Upload a file' action. Connect your Dropbox account and folder then select the Barcode PNG as your source file.

Next add another Dropbox module. This time select 'Create / Update a Share Link. Map your 'file path' by selecting 'Path lower' from the previous Dropbox 'Upload' step. Press ok.

Finally add an Airtable step to your flow. Select Airtable then select 'Update a Record'. Connect your account, table and base. Map the ID from Step 2 into the 'Record ID' field and in the QR Code field map the 'Download URL' from the 'Create/Update' Dropbox step.

That's it. Test it by adding a new record into your Airtable and pressing 'Run Once' from the bottom action bar in Integromat.

If all has run correctly you should see each step in the flow flag green and a QR code uploaded to Dropbox and added back into Airtable.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you have any questions please reach out on Twitter @tomosman or @makerpad.


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