This quick tutorial walks you through how to connect Dropbox and Descript with Zapier to create automatic transcriptions of audio files. One way this could be extremely useful is for recording calls with customers and training sales staff. Or posting show notes to a podcast (which is the example I made).

First you need to set up a folder in Dropbox. I've called mine "Audio". Then place an mp3 file into this folder.

I actually used a YouTube video and converted it to mp3 using then downloaded the file and put that into Dropbox (shown above).

Then go to Zapier and select Dropbox as the trigger app.

The trigger is 'New File in Folder'

Connect the folder you created. For me it is my Audio folder

Then select Descript as our action app. (You'll need a Descript account)

Request Transcription is the action.

Here you will need to see which field matches the format URL (mp3 etc). I struggled with this as there is no mp3 file showing.. but the field 'File' says "(exists but not shown)" and this is the mp3 URL so I selected that. It may be the same or slightly different for you.

Then I connected the File Name with the File Name field.

Once a test is run, you'll see the transcription show up in your Descript account. Below it is processing.

Once processed you'll be able to see the full transcription like below.


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