Forms are a great way for users to contribute information to the database(s) in your app, for example, adding recipes, travel itineraries, public profiles, or really any type of user-generated content. This tutorial shows you how to create a form, and connect it to your app's page so that the user's information is pulled through correctly.

In some use cases, we might want to make it so that our users can contribute information or listings into our apps. One way to do this is by adding a simple form.

To do this, click the large plus icon in the top left corner, then either add a new blank screen or select the form screen. Add your screen and give it a title.

If you click on the form on your screen, Adalo wants you to tell it where this information is going. In other words, you need to select which data collection your form information is going to. You also need to tell Adalo what happens when the form is filled in under the 'What do you want the form to do?" field. Under 'fields', you can select which information you want users to be able to fill in. Once you've done this, the last thing to do is set an action up on your 'Submit' button.


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