In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up email for your store, set your store to your homepage, and launch! 

  • Click on the shopping cart for Ecommerce and select the set-up guide, scroll down to the section titled Design Ecommerce emails and click go to email settings
  • You can also access the emails any time by selecting the Settings gear icon on the left, then clicking email
  • Setup your email design adjusting images, and colors as approriate
  • Review each email and customize labels as applicable, send a test email for each to confirm setup for each.
  • Click save when complete.
  • If using a template, review entire site to ensure buttons point to appropriate pages in your store.
  • Click on pages, set all unused template pages to "save as draft" by clicking on the gear icon next to each page.
  • Set your new home page and adjust all open graph images as applicable
  • Ensure you purchase an Ecommerce Site plan
  • Connect to your domain
  • Once domain is connected, enable your checkout and publish your site!