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First, we will add 'Company Name' and 'Job Title' to cells A1 and A2. In D1, let's put, 'Find leads'. In D2, let's put Company. In E1, let's put: =SEARCH_LINKEDIN_PERSON_GOOGLE(B1&" "&B2)

In E2, we are going to manipulate the information being pulled in from E1 by using the following formula:


Now, in E3, we are going to insert the following formula:


This is going to bring in the items from our JSON file into our spreadsheet.

From here, you can structure the data as you need or wish to using various formulas ー This will mainly depend on what you want to do with the info after this step. If you want to split out the Full Name, you can create a new column. Let's name it 'Full Name' and in the first cell under this, let's enter the following formula:


This essentially says to bring in everything to the left of the hyphen in the B6 cell. Keep in mind, there will be special cases like in this one where the last name of the contact is hyphenated. If you're savvy with spreadsheets, I'm sure there is a way to account for these one-off scenarios but this starts to stretch my excel skills so we'll just manually address it ーbut hey if you know how to fix it, feel free to share with the rest of us in the community!

Now for Title...you will need quite a lengthy formula to deal with the formatting in our B column so I've gone ahead and provided it in this lesson's note. Copy and paste it

=IFERROR(LEFT(RIGHT(B6,LEN(B6)-IFERROR(find("– ",B6),FIND("- ",B6))-1),IFERROR(FIND("– ",RIGHT(B6,LEN(B6)-IFERROR(FIND("– ",B6),FIND("- ",B6))-1)),FIND("- ",RIGHT(B6,LEN(B6)-IFERROR(FIND("– ",B6),FIND("- ",B6))-1)))-2),"")

This formula essentially says to grab the job title in between the hypens in the B column. Long formula to say something so simple, right?

Now, we'll create some buttons. In our header row, we will type 'Get all emails' and then for each individual row, we'll type in 'Get email address'. Now, in our toolbar, select this drop down and choose Button and hit create.

In the column next to this, let's fill this column with a gray so it reminds us that this is just a formula column. At the moment, Dashdash doesn't have a hide/unhide column capability so this will be our workaround. We are going to enter in the following formula that will enable our button.

=IF(OR($F$5="GET ALL",F6="GET EMAIL"),FIND_EMAIL_HUNTER($A$6,LEFT(D6,SEARCH(" ",D6)-1),RIGHT(D6,LEN(D6)-SEARCH(" ",D6))),"Press 'Get Email'")

This formula says if the Get All button is clicked OR the get email button is clicked, then run an email search, otherwise this column will show 'Press Get Email'. Keep in mind, that this formula is case sensitive for the button so if you do all caps GET EMAIL ADDRESS then your formula needs to have all caps GET EMAIL ADDRESS to work.

Ok, now a few more columns and then we are done. Next, let's add a column called Email Address. This is going to show the results of the email search. To pull in those results we need to have the following formula:


This formula says to grab the email from the JSON file collected in the previous column.

Now, we want to send to a Sales slack channel. Depending on your process, this might be too much for a Slack channel but if you're sending a few leads a day it might make sense. Otherwise, you could connect to a CRM and add leads there instead.

We are going to do a Send to Slack button and do the exact same thing we did for our last button.

Finally, in the column next to our button we are, again, going to gray this out to remind us that it is a formula column. Let's enter the following formula:

=IF(OR($I$5="Send all to Slack", I6="Send to Slack"),MESSAGE_CHANNEL_SLACK("sales",(D7&" - "&E7&" - "&A7&" - "&H7&" - "&C7)),"Send to Slack")

This says send the contact name, title, email address, and linkedin profile URL to the Sales slack channel.


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