For every person that subscribes to our newsletter (or product), we want to automatically create a landing page in Webflow where they can refer others. That page should:

  • Unique to every user
  • Autofill the email
  • Track the number of people that have been referred
  • Include a link so we can track number of referrals

In part 1, we set up everything except tracking referrals.

Setting up Airtable and Webflow

  • [x]  Set up Webflow CMS
  • [x]  Setup Airtable base
  • [x]  Setup Zapier to send subscribers to Airtable + Create CMS item
  • [x]  Create new page for each new subscriber
  • [x]  Custom Code to input referral link
  • [x]  Custom Code to input email

In part 2, we add in tracking who's referred whom using a ?ref parameter and Airtable's recordID.

Tracking referrals

  • [x]  Capturing referral parameter on homepage
  • [x]  Airtable notes
  • [x]  Zapier setup


Project link where you'll find all custom code

Try it live!

Some things to know

  • Updating the referral count requires you to add the CMSid in Airtable and then update the CMS item
  • Webflow CMS URLs are case sensitive, everything must be lowercase (use slug when linking to referral pages)
  • The lookup for the recordID is also case sensitive:
  • Always use ?ref=RECORDID not ?ref=SLUG for the referral parameter