In this short tutorial, we guide you through building and exporting your email template in Mailchimp's campaign builder. You'll need a Mailchimp account to complete these steps.

To start, set up a Mailchimp account if you don't have one already, and click on 'Campaigns' to create a new email template campaign. This will serve as the base template for your newsletter. You can add in anything that would like on an ongoing basis each week. Style it however you would like but be sure to include the two following items:

  1. A block of text as a placeholder for the Twitter feed
  2. <a href="twitter.url">See the full tweet</a>

Once edited to your liking, save the template and go to email templates.

Select the template you just created from your email template, select the drop-down that says 'Export as HTML'. Click through the screens, open the HTML version and keep that browser open.


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