In this tutorial you will learn how to send an email or many emails with a personalized attachment.

What you'll need

  • Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Docs
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive

Estimated time to complete

  • 10 minutes

If you have not installed Yet Another Mail Merge within Google Sheets do so here:

In your Google Sheet, add the following columns: ID, First Name, Last Name, Email Address. Add in data. The ID should be a unique identifier.

Create a draft in Gmail with a subject line and body. If you want to personalize the email use mail merge fields that map to your columns such as {{First Name}}. If you want to design something for the body of the email, use Google Docs and design within Tables. Once you are done with your email. Save to drafts and star it.

Create a folder in Google Drive. Upload your personalized attachments. Each attachment should have your unique identifier (in this case the ID number). Make sure each file has a shareable link turned on.

Head into Google Sheets. Click Add-Ons, select Yet Another Mail Merge and select Start Mail Merge. Select your email template. Click + Alias, Filters, Personalized Attachments. Select Import From Drive Folder. Find your folder. If you don't see attachments, then try clicking only once and then click Select. Choose what you want to match against (in this case it is ID). Click Back and then you can send emails or send a test email.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial preview, if you have any questions please reach out on Twitter @amiedelisa or @makerpad.

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