The video training program that teaches you how to build and ship mini-startups in minutes.

‍Whether you can code or not, this course guides you through the steps you can take to get a mini-startup built and shipped in minutes. If you're like a lot of makers out there you probably spend too much time tweaking a site, put off launching and never getting validation before pumping time and money behind an idea that isn't going anywhere. I've built over 100 projects using Carrd, (including 10 MVPs in 24 hours), taking payments, validating ideas, linking other tools together to replicate the workings of beloved startups. I'd love to help you learn how you can do the same.

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Where is Template 9 & 10?

Both of these templates are just styling so a tutorial would be less than a minute long! If you'd like a walkthrough then ping me in Slack and I'll get it done. But they are super simple.


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