Building an operational system is a pain point in any organization. Across every industry and company, teams are tasked with figuring out the best tech to use to manage and solve the nuanced challenges of running a company, launching a product, delivering a service, or implementing a project. Many companies set out looking for tools that accommodate operational inefficiencies instead of solving them. Our team is here to show you a different way.

The no-code space has done a great job on speaking about and showing off the amazing tools that build front end websites, apps, and user experiences. Products like Webflow, Adalo, Universe, Bubble, Glide and Carrd have done an incredible job at showcasing just how beautiful you can make your client experience without needing to write a line of code. However, anyone that has run a business or worked for any company knows that this is only 10% of the work. The real work goes on behind the scenes to deliver your products and services in a smooth and timely fashion, manage your team properly, communicate well, understand your data and scale your operations with the growth of the business.

"I wonder if more people realized that these no code tools could enable them to build these types of solutions if they would actually spend more time introspecting on what the ideal process for their business would be? If they realized that they had the power to solve it, maybe they would spend more time thinking about it and really mapping out solutions, because we're mapping out processes, because I actually think that, for our customers (at Airtable), that's often the biggest challenge."David Peterson, Head of Partnerships @ Airtable

This is why we, at Makerpad, are partnering with the best tools in the no-code eco-system to create a series of Deep-dives focused on doing business better.

We’ve created a game changing solution for a start-up called Cottage. By setting up a clear workflow and automating the majority of the manual tasks within it, we have essentially freed up a lot of time for not just one person, but a whole team of people. In a startup, where you have a small, lean team, that can mean the difference between thriving and not surviving.

At Makerpad, we think the biggest benefit of no-code is the ability to use technology to free people of the things they don't want to be doing, to enable them the time, energy and space to focus on the things that grow, better and create a long-term successful company regardless of the product you sell or industry you work in.

In the coming months we will be showcasing real world solutions using platforms like Airtable, Hubspot, 8base, Niro, Parabla, Adalo, Memberspace, Circle, Coda & more. Want to be part of the solution to business? Reach out at

In the meantime, keep a lookout for the Cottage Deep-dive launching this week + sign-up for our newsletter to receive our deep dive when it goes live.


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