Start a new document in Notion. Select the board database as a starting point. Call it ‘Applicant tracking’

Rename columns (and add a few more):

  • Applicant
  • Review
  • Phone Screen
  • Project
  • Onsite
  • Offer
  • Hired

Go into one of the example cards, and rename it an applicants name.

Add properties:

  • Job Role (single select): enter your job roles here
  • Email (email)
  • Employment status (single select): Employed, Freelancing, Looking
  • Location (single select): your locations
  • Skills (multi select): writing, growth, design etc
  • Website (URL):
  • Resume (files & media)
  • Scorecard (single select): Strong yes, yes, no, strong no
  • Status (single select): Active, failed (interview), failed (culture fit), failed (other offer), failed (not interested), failed (bad timing), failed (unresponsive), Snoozed

Create a template ‘Candidate profile’ and add ‘Notes’ heading with a bulleted list.

Add a ‘References’ heading with a bulleted list

Add a ‘Social’ heading with space for creating the URL bookmark (example shown)

Add a ‘Next steps’ heading with a to-do list.

In the previous step I overwrote the ‘X’ step.

Add a property (single select): Applicants, review, phone screen, project, onsite, offer, hired.

Now group you’re board by Stage.

Select which properties you want to display on your applicants cards in the board view.

Add some applicants into your system.

Add a table view called ‘All applicants’

Rename your board view ‘Tracking board’

Add a Gallery view ‘Notes’ so you can view applicants notes quickly

Add a board view ‘By Scorecard’ and group by Scorecard. Again select the properties you wish to display.

Add a board view ‘By Role’

Add a board view ‘By Status’


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