Can you tell me a little bit about your background and general work experience?

I’ve always been interesting and wanted to build products. I think that software is the closest thing we have to a superpower. It extends our abilities as humans. Learning to code, to that level, is a truly challenging to skill to learn. So, I’ve been in a position where what I could see and loved, and what I could make was separate. I studied Politics and business and then gravitated directly to the start-up community and ended up working with an organisation that runs a support community for thousands of entrepreneurs each year.

What started your journey into no-code?

The community for entrepreneurs was focused on in person experiences, like meetups and custom events. It was not a software company and didn’t have a team of developers that could build a platform nor the ability to hire them. So, when the community was growing really fast and we wanted to service them in new more online ways, it was difficult to figure out a soliton to that. This is how I really got into no-code

With no-code tools, I was able to start shipping products alone, the whole thing, design, build and function, all completely tailored to the specific needs of the community.

“I think that there is a large part of the tech-enabled community that feel liberated by the access that these tools bring. It’s exciting to see what’s going to be built by people who historically couldn’t get past the skills gap.”

What have you found most surprising about the no-code community so far?

The speed at which things are moving is amazing. Even if you look at the marketplace eight to nine months ago there has been so much growth.

What tools or platforms are you thinking of/ have been using for your no-code project?

Zapier, Airtable, Slack, Webflow, Firebase and all our backend workflows run on

What impact has No-code made on your life, directly or indirectly?

Now we have a whole schedule of amazing things that we will build for the community and it has really freed up the team to focus on the hard things, the real things like the relationships, the in-person support, mentorship and programs. It’s actually what you can do, without a budget, or a dev team. These tools bring speed and possibility.

What are you working on at the moment? 

The founder community I’m working with is called “The Family”, and we welcome anyone to come visit us at: otherwise reach out to me on Twitter at @Lorenzo__TF and say hello! Keep a look out for the new podcast we are launching soon!