**Please read Hacker News rules before using a system like this. It's more for showing what is possible and help you with the submitting process, this does not submit automatically.

Set up a Google sheet with columns: Title, URL, Link param, HN with link param, Title param, URL Title, Submit URL.

Add your example title and URL. In the Link param add: https://news.ycombinator.com/submitlink?u= the ?u= is for populating a link in the submission.

HN with link param: add the formula =CONCAT(C2,B2) to connect the URL and the link param.

Title param: add the formula =CONCAT(D2,"&t=") to connect the HN link you just made with "&t=" to pull in the title data for submission

URL Title: add the formula =SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","%20") to replace any spaces from your title with %20 to populate the correct title text in the submission

Submit URL: add the formula =CONCAT(E2,F2) to pull it all together as your one-click to populate the submission

Log in to Zapier and create a Zap. The Trigger will be Google Sheets when a new spreadsheet row is added. Connect your account and customise the data. Now add an action step SMS by Zapier to send an SMS and pull in the Submit URL.

You can also add (or replace the SMS) sending an email with a one-click URL for populating the submission or even add a Slack message to post it.

The only thing you will need to add here is when your content is posted on Webflow, Twitter, wherever - create a zap to populate the title and URL in Google Sheets so that will close the loop and make it fully automated.


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