No-code is constantly evolving, with newer tools, better features, and slicker automations making their way into the marketplace. Even if you’re working in no-code, there are still opportunities to learn and grow – that’s how we met Briana!

She works at Zapier, and signed up for the No-Code Fundamentals course. Here’s her story!

Hi! I’m Briana Strauss. I’m a partnerships manager for a technology company called Zapier, a platform that connects 4k+ apps to create automated workflows. My focus is working to service and manage our integration partnerships, so our customers can connect and use their favorite apps together.

What I like most about integration partnerships is the variety of amazing apps and partners I get to work with daily. From communication tools to lead management and many more, it’s incredible to see the variety of app options available.

I also enjoy using Zapier in my everyday work to save time on tasks and have projects or important updates automatically sent to my project management app.

Why I took the No-Code Fundamentals course

I never studied engineering or product management in college, and most of my learning has been on the job and from other teammates/ mentors. In working with 4k+ apps, we come across a variety of use cases and features options.

I was looking for a way to level up and better understand no-code. I wanted to be a better partnerships manager to all of our partners, no matter the classification or category.

I was excited when I found the No-Code Fundamentals class with Makerpad, especially because I could work collaboratively with a cohort of people looking to accomplish the same thing.

Turning my coffee habit into a no-code project

During the course, we got to work on a variety of interesting projects. For one, I never imagined I would be able to build an app, but the curriculum is laid out nicely, and they make it easy to follow along.

We got to work on many different projects during the course, but my favorite one was a coffee subscription online shop. It was mainly inspired by the fact that I drink way too much coffee, but what I liked about this project was the variety of apps it encompassed and the learnings from the course.

I used Softr to build my website, Stripe to power payment links, Airtable for the marketplace, and of course Zapier to push collected emails to a drip sequence in ActiveCampaign.

I was pleased with how the project turned out and surprised by how easy it was to build this and connect all the platforms. I haven’t quit my day job (yet) to build this out as an actual real business. However, it’s great to see how no-code tools have so easily enabled a creator economy, where in just one day you can build a website and connect a multitude of apps to get a business up and running.

The No-Code Fundamentals course helped me level up on the latest tools for no-code and how to best combine them to create different projects. It allowed me to work with a range of product categories and build out various automated workflows. I found some software tools to be intuitive and straightforward to work with compared to others. For instance, I liked the Softr platform and found it easy to connect with other apps, so I chose it for my final project.

Working with a collaborative group during the course also helped me better understand other use cases and relate this to working with various software partners at Zapier. If you’re curious about no-code or want to learn more about it, I would recommend the No-Code Fundamentals course.

I can’t say enough good things about Ben and Amie, and how willing they and the rest of the community are to help you create your dream project.

Thanks for sharing your story, Briana! You can follow her work here.


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