The world of web3 is changing what is possible for internet users, entrepreneurs, and product builders. Here’s the story of how a former scientist switched his career to begin expanding the possibility of business using Bubble.

Hi! My name is Adrián Ruiz, I'm a pharmaceutical chemist based in México city, who discovered no-code. It has now changed my career! Since I was a child my dream was to become a scientist, use a lab coat, and all the cool instruments I saw on the Discovery Channel growing up.

But halfway through college, a friend invited me to invest in his project, which was an app to certify legal documents with your smartphone. Long story short, we invested around 25K USD over 8 months and when we launched. We had around 20 users and made 18 USD back in a span of 6 months, so I went back to my studies, but I realized the leverage you can get from a useful software.

Discovering Bubble to build products

I was in my last semester when COVID-19 hit, so I had much more time while locked down in my house, that's when I decided to take another shot at start ups. I took several courses and did the YC startup school and that's when I discovered Bubble and the no-code movement.

In the forum, someone asked if Bubble was good at creating MVPs. I went to the site, created an account, and when I realized that I was able to create the app that we spent so much money and time, in about a month, I never looked back!

I think I’ve used Bubble at least 5 days a week since then.

Dappling with multiple projects in the no-code world

Currently I'm a full time web developer. I started with Bubble about 15 months ago. No-code got me into learning how to code so I could leverage my favorite platforms even more, so I took a 6 month web developer bootcamp.

I co-founded Source D&C which is a no-code holding that aims to partner with promising entrepreneurs and develop their MVPs in exchange for equity. We are launching our own project called EnGuardia which is a job listing and recruiting platform tailored for private security companies. We raised 50K from an angel for this.

I also work as a part-time developer in Venturedev, which is a no-code agency based in Berlin.

Along with this, I founded No Code México. It’s an organization with the purpose of teaching people in in México and Latin America to use no-code tools and build useful products. We just finished our first batch of design lectures and we are preparing our first bootcamp.

Finally, I'm collaborating on Stack3, the first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on the no-code ecosystem. Our plan is to create a community that invests and develops promising no-code projects in exchange for the Stack3 token. We are launching in April.

Quick note about DAO:

The DAO is an organization that was designed to be automated and decentralized, acting as a form of venture capital fund, based on open-source code and without a typical management structure or board of directors.

About Stack3

Stack3 is a decentralized platform and a collective of web3 and no-code experts that's transforming how startups operate and coordinate their activities. We envision a future where startups coordinate their activities such as fundraising, product building and hiring through a web3 ecosystem that provides entrepreneurs an access to decentralized networks and collective intelligence.

One of the most significant impact areas is how the work is getting done. So far founders had a horrible task to manually and linearly find investors, do the paperwork and many other mundane tasks.

Similarly building a product has been associated with first getting the funds, then building a necessary organization through a painstaking and slow hiring process. Our mission at Stack3 is to disrupt how startups operate by harnessing the power of decentralized networks and collective intelligence in the web3 ecosystem.

We create a web3 ecosystem where the limits of a centralized company as a coordination mechanism are replaced with decentralized contribute-to-earn and work-to-earn organizational models.

With the Stack3 ecosystem, entrepreneurs will be able to immediately publish a development contract and let the community of experts collectively join forces and build the product. This concept is similar to a marketplace but with significantly lower coordination costs, completely automated processes and the power of collective intelligence.

Moreover, the fundraising process will be completely automated and founders can raise from as many investors as they wish without worrying about time and costs. There is an incredible potential for founders to harness the power of decentralized networks and people’s collective intelligence, and we are building the infrastructure for that.

Entrepreneurship should be democratized

We want to democratize entrepreneurship. In alignment with the no-code purpose of democratizing software development, we want builders to access mentorship and capital with the help of the community. This way, entrepreneurs will have an alternative to raising capital from VCs or funds while benefiting the whole community.

To build the DAO we are using Bubble as the base and custom code for the creation of the token. Meanwhile we are using the Ez Code Web3 plugin to allow the minting of NFTs for the community, we also integrate several APIs like sendgrid and metamask

Bubble is a must to be able to create complex apps. It allows you to work 10x faster than custom code.

We believe a DAO is the perfect mechanism to make this possible and we are expanding what is possible with no-code.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Adrián. You can follow his journey on Twitter here.


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