00:00 - Overview of Airtable and Zapier set-up

01:09 - Airtable Zap Action Step

01:53 - Adding and editing Path App by Zapier

04:10 - Editing second Path

Automating client or customer service inquiries can save time for both the team and those inquiring. Start with a form that includes qualifying questions to help route and respond to inquiries efficiently. Use the form responses and answers to qualifying questions to set up a partially fully or automated process to allow you more quality interactions with the team and customers.

  1. Choose your trigger. In this example we are using an Airtable database with form responses to segment tailored notifications and emails to qualified and unqualified leads.
  2. Add the Path by Zapier. Note that the Path by Zapier must follow and action step and must be the last step in a Zap.
  3. Edit Path A and rename. Set rules based on form data received in the trigger. In this example, we are using the “Qualifier 1” and “Qualifier 2” responses to segment form responses into qualified leads. Test and continue.
  4. Once the rule is set continue to build action steps as you would a normal Zapier workflow. In this example we have built out a two step path which sends a Slack message to the team first and then an email to the qualified lead with next steps.
  5. When path is built, select “Home” or the next path to continue adding or editing paths.
  6. Use paths to notify, update, respond and automate segmenting of information collected from your form.


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