In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a simple automation that will monitor your Gmail inbox and save any incoming attachments into a Google Drive folder then Create a Record containing a Direct Download link in Airtable.

What you'll need

  • 1 x Gmail Account
  • 1 x Integromat Account
  • 1 x Airtable Account + new base
  • 1 x Google Drive

Before starting this first step, create a blank Airtable base with the following headers.

  • Email Subject
  • Date
  • File Name
  • Attachments

Now, create a new scenario in Integromat with Gmail, Google Drive and Airtable as the services.

Select Gmail as the first module with Watch emails as the trigger. Select the Folder you want it to watch, select simple filter and All Emails. Click ok then on the next screen choose From Now On.

Next from the Tools button, select an Interator module as the next step. Open it and in the Array field, map the Attachments variable from the Gmail module.

Once done, add Google Drive as the next step with Upload File as the action. Configure the settings to save the file where you want it. Click ok.

Next, add a new module and select Airtable. Choose Create a Record as the Action.

Configure your Airtable account (you may need to grab your API key from if this is the first time connecting to Integromat).

Select your base. Select your table. Now maps the following variables to the corresponding fields.

  1. Email Subject (1. Subject from Gmail)
  2. Date (1. Date from Gmail)
  3. File Name (2. File name from the Iterator)
  4. Attachments ( 3. Direct download link from Google Drive)

Once you've done that, test it by clicking Run once if you have emails with attachments in the current targeted folder or by putting it live and sending yourself an email.

That's it! Once set live then you will never have to worry about losing email attachments ever again.

Hope this proves useful and make sure you message if you have an issues setting this up.

Bonus - why not add on a notification or alert onto the end of this flow to let you or your team know that the attachments have been saved? Slack or twilio maybe?

Tom Osman - Makerpad