With Softr form blocks, there are only two forms that integrate directly with an Airtable base:

To send data from these form types into Airtable, you need to ensure that the Tag field is filled out with the column name in Airtable that corresponds with the form field. For example, if you have a First Name column in Airtable, you need to have the tag ‘First Name’ on your form’s First Name field settings. It’s important to note here that your Label and Tag text needs to match the formatting of your Airtable column name. For example, if you have a column NAME in Airtable, then your Label and Tag in Softr needs to be NAME as well. Otherwise, you will get an error message.

If you want to use the Contact form with Google Map or the Simple contact form blocks in Softr, you can still capture this information in Airtable, however, you will have to use the Send to Zapier or Sent to Integromat button action and setup a webhook. 

In Zapier, this would require you to make a zap with the Webhooks by Zapier app and choose the Catch Hook trigger. Then, copy the webhook URL and paste that webhook URL into the Zapier field for the form button. Finally, you need to connect your Webhooks by Zapier trigger to Airtable and set the action event to Create Record.


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