Collections are the lifeblood of your app in Adalo. If you have lists of any kind within your app, then you're going to need to use collections. In this tutorial, we show you how to make your first collection, customize it, and populate it with data.

Before we create a collection, let's add a list onto our page as shown in the previous tutorial. Now when you select that list on your page, the menu options on the left appear. Under "what is this a list of?" select 'new collection'. (You can also select the 'database' icon from the vertical list of icons down the left side of the dashboard, and click 'add collection').

Next you need to give your collection some properties. Properties are categorized pieces of information that need to exist on your app to make your collections display how you want. These may be things like name, description, size, location, image, etc. Click 'add property' and select what you need from the drop-down menu.

Now you want to add records—records are the actual data in your collections. Click the 'database' icon, click on your recently created collection, and click on the '0 records' button to start adding records.


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