If you want to control when your tweet newsletter sends—for example, weekly rather than daily—you can use Zapier to add a delay based on a rule you choose. In this tutorial we walk you through this optional step, which completes this tool-path.

To delay sending your email campaign, add a step to your zap and search for 'Delay by Zapier'. Customize your 'Action Event' depending on when you want the email to send. Regardless of when you choose to send your email in Mailchimp, this step of the zap will 'hold' the email in a draft state and won't actually let it send until the day/time you choose.

After the delay step, add 'Mailchimp' as a final step to your zap and for the 'Action Event', select 'Send Campaign'. Connect your account and select the right campaign.

When testing this step, you might want to set up a dummy audience tag in Mailchimp that includes only you, so that when testing the zap step, you can send the email campaign only to yourself. If you don't want to do this, you can simply send to your audience as normal—maybe let them know you're testing an email campaign first!


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