Log in to Zapier and create a Zap. Our Trigger app will be Shopify and the event we want to track is 'New Paid Order'. Connect your account and then customise the details - we want to see all Paid orders that are Open. Test it and find your data (you must have had orders on your store for this to show up).

Now set up a filter step that only continues if the 'Line Item Title' exactly matches 'name of the product' (case-sensitive).

The next step is linking our Gmail account to send email. Link your account and then customise the email. This could be sent to your fulfilment manager/warehouse etc. Enter the details you want and in the body you can customise this as much or little as you want. Here we are adding the full name, email, product, quantity, total price etc. You can add shipping address and lots of other information here. Test it.

Another option here is to replace the email step with sending an SMS or a Slack message - you can also have this in addition to an email of course. Remember with an SMS, after so many characters it may get cut off.

If you use a task management app like Trello you can set up new cards too.


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