Can you tell me a little bit about your background and general work experience?My background is software development; I’ve been building software for over ten years. I started out working for larger corporations, and over time, and different roles, the companies have gotten smaller! I really enjoy working within start-ups and small teams. Last year I quit working full time and started consulting and building my own products.


What started your journey into no-code?

About a year ago I learnt about no-code via a friend of mine, Corey.He built a job board called Hey Marketers (read the Makerpad Story on the build here) – He built the whole thing, a product that started generating revenue immediately, in three weekends. Meanwhile, I was building my own projects and doing everything from scratch as a developer, getting totally bogged down in the code and not producing a useful product.

One day, while I was on Corey’s job board site,I noticed I wasn’t able to search the job listings, which he said was a limitation of Webflow. So I ended up writing some custom code that added a search to his site.I didn't think much of it, but Corey kept referring more and more people to me who wanted the same thing. Eventually, I thought, maybe I can turn this into a Webflow add-on, so that people can add search to their site without needing me or knowing how to code it themselves.And that’s how began!

“I’m seeing all these domain experts, who previously struggled to partner with a developer or an agency, now are able to build products, using no-code tools, all on their own.I’m seeing so much creativity unleashed and so many real problems being solved.”


What have you found most surprising about the no-code community so far?

It’s been amazing to see the variety of businesses and products being launched on no-code, it’s surprised me what people are capableof given better tools.

What tools or platforms are you thinking of/ have been using for your no-code project?

Webflow (I mean, I’m never building a landing page manually again!) As a developer, I like that it’s an abstraction on top ofcode, while still being just as powerful as hand-writing the code. I also use Zapier and Parabola, love both of those tools.


What are you currently focused on that we can learn more about?

I’m focused on growing the product and enabling more people to build crazy awesome products with Webflow + Jetboost! If there is anything that you can’t do in Webflow that you wish you could, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or and perhaps I can help :)