Forms are the first step for your customers or users in getting the support they need. In this tutorial, we guide you through customizing Airtable's Bug Tracker form, and pre-filling form fields. These steps allow you to send confirmation and follow-up emails to people who submit tickets.

Using Airtable forms, you can populate fields of certain tables within your base. When you create a form view, you can select which fields you want to add to your form and then mark them as required and/or add a helpful description.

To utilize forms for your customer support system, include a customer account email field in your table and add it your form. This way you can automatically send an email letting the customer know you've received their support ticket, and this allows you to directly follow-up with an answer.

If you want to pre-fill a support ticket with information, click on the 'Share form' button and copy the link. You need to add the pre-fill information to the end of your form URL. To do this, add ?prefill_ and then add in the specific column fields that you want to pre-fill. If your field title has spaces, replace the spaces in the URL with +. Then add = and type what you want to pre-fill.

For more information on pre-filling forms, check out this Airtable resource:


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