In this tutorial we're going to create a simple automation that automatically sends an email to podcast guests once their episode is live. This will contain a link to the episode to encourage it to be shared out.

What you'll need.

  1. Zapier
  2. Airtable
  3. Gmail
  4. Slack (Optional)

First up duplicate a template from Airtable -

Open up the Airtable base and remove any of the other episodes and seasons leaving just one.

Next create a new view by clicking on Episodes by Season in top left and then ‘Add a view: Grid View’. Rename it ‘Released Episodes’. Add a filter, ‘Where’ the ‘Stage’ contains released.

Next add another field into your main Episodes by Season table. Add a ‘Look up’ field next to your ‘Guest Name’ field and configure it to look up your ‘Guests Email’.

Next open Zapier and create a new Zap.

Set Airtable as the first app and set the Trigger to 'New Record in View'. Connect your Airtbale account.

Connect your base and set your Table to 'Episodes. Set your view to 'Released Episodes'.

Press continue and click test. Now head to Airtable change the stage of the podcast episode to 'Released' which should trigger the Zap.

If it goes green you should have the data through. Check by opening the step back up.

Next connect Gmail. Select Send Email. Connect your Gmail account.

Now map the records across from Airtable to customise your email to your guest. Put the 'Guest Email' from the previous step into the 'To' field then customise the body to contain the 'Episode Name' and 'Link/URL'.

Continue and test.

For this last part we're going to connect Slack to notify the team that the email has gone out.

Add Slack as the next step. Connect your Slack account and set the channel you want the message to go to.

Customise the message to contain the Guests Name and Email along with the episode name if needed.

If you want to you can name your bot and give it an icon for personalisation.

Press continue and test. That's it.

Put your Zap live and you're good to go.

If you have any questions about this be sure to reach out either in the Makerpad Slack channel or reach out on twitter @tomosman.


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