In this tutorial we'll show you how to use Zapier and Twilio to send automated notifications when a deal reaches a certain stage of your sales pipeline. All without code.

Step 1

First, open up your Airtable sales pipeline. Create a new view by selecting the arrow in the top left hand corner and Add a Grid View. Filter where the Sales Stage is Closed-Won. You will now see any sales that have the Closed-Won status applied. Name your new Grid View - Deals Won.

Step 2

Open Zapier and create a new Zap. Name it first so you don't lose it. Choose Airtable as the trigger, select 'New Record in View'. Find your Base and your Sales Deals table. In the View field select Deals Won. Press Continue then Test and Continue. Check that the Zap is getting data from Airtable.

Next, add an Action. Find and select Gmail and create an email adding in data from the previous Airtable step to showcase the new Deal that has been done. Subject - New Deal Done: <Client Name> as an example. Test and continue.

Finally add another action. Find and select Twilio.

Step 3

Select Send SMS in Twilio. Sign in and connect your Twilio account by adding your SID and Auth token from you Twilio account page.

Choose your Twilio number from the From field. Add a number of the person you want the SMS going to and customise the Message to contain the deal details from our Airtable Trigger step. Client name and Deal Value are two good ones to include.

Test and continue and check if the SMS comes through to your phone!

You're done. Turn on your Zap and each time a new deal gets the status of Closed-Won it will trigger an Email and SMS.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please reach out on Twitter @tomosman or @makerpad.


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