Memberstack as a tool allows you to manage the members that will be voting and commenting on your site. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up Memberstack so that you can then integrate it to your Webflow site.

The last piece in the puzzle for a fully functional Product Hunt clone site is to add in Memberstack, to limit who can vote and comment. From Memberstack, click add website, choose Webflow and follow the steps to add the code on your site.

After your website is created you'll need to head over to the Memberstack dashboard to create a membership.

Select Create Membership from the dashboard, give it a name, choose free or paid.

Next, enable hiding of content — for our demo that is the page with the URL slug 'members' (see this video for more info). The page after sign up is also our members page. Hit save.

Select Forms & Fields and add in First Name and Member ID as sign up fields. Be sure to toggle on 'Hide from profile' for the Member ID.

Choose Power-ups, and then from the drop-down select Power-ups again. Scroll to the Security section and find Member-specific pages. Toggle it on, and open the drop-down. Under 'Hide a folder or CMS collection' add the slug "members/".

Now navigate to Members. If you don't have a test member, add a member manually now.

Select that member, copy the Member ID from just below the email address.

Paste Member ID into the 'Member ID field' under Profile Info, and to the URL of the Member page, and hit close.

Your member dashboard in Webflow is now linked in Memberstack.

The Member ID will need to be manually or automatically entered for each member in both Memberstack AND Webflow in the Members Collection list to link the dashboard.